Gunung Gambar, Mountain Tourisme

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Gunung Gambar is a former hermitage Raden Mas Said or better known as Prince Samber Lives in time of war against Dutch colonialists.

Tourism object is located in the village of Kampong, Ngawen, Gunung Kidul is being developed with various support facilities to facilitate the visitors to enjoy the surrounding scenery. Located 39 km from the city Wonosari or 70 km from the city of Yogyakarta, these attractions can be reached by any vehicle.

Mountain tourism object is located 200 meters Picture above sea level so that when standing at the top we can see the marsh Jombor in Klaten and reservoir inundation Gajah Mungkurt in the distance. With the completeness of the toilet, a path and substations of view and path leading to the former monastery of Prince Samber Lives, This tourist attraction grew comfortable to visit.

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